Paper Alice in the Tipp City Herald

Wednesday, October 5, 2005

Paper Alice in her craft roomWoman turns old leafs into loose-leaf
Joyell Nevins
Herald Staff Writer

Demo Time: Four minutes
Drying Time: Hours
Excitement: Priceless!

Give Alison Rusk five minutes and she can show you how to turn household trash into homemade paper.

"All you need is an Arnold Grummer kit, a blender, some junk mail, and you can create beautiful handmade stationery," she explains.

For 20 years Tai-Pei raised Rusk, a.k.a. Alison Wonderland, has made a business out of turning scraps into unique pages, and then turning pages into finished products of journals, notepads, checkbook covers and more.

"I save absolutely everything," she confesses. Fortunately, just about anything can add some color or texture to the individual pages.

Rusk has made thousands of sheets of paper and says that she will never run out of ideas!

Her endeavors have been so successful that a year ago the company contacted her about doing a promotional spot on live television.

Rusk appeared on morning editions of Fox and NBC in Cincinnati and Indianapolis for a "Celebrating Earth Day" segment.

They were all live shows and there was no practice involved. The anchors just started talking and the cameras went on and Rusk was whisked into her speal.

"The first time, I was so nervous. And then I just do what I normally do," Rusk remembers. She whipped through mixing and molding and by the third demonstration, Rusk was a pro. One of the anchors informed her that the segment "blended well."

T.V. spots aren't the only way Rusk gets the word out about her art. She also teaches classes in her home. People will hold birthday parties and bridal showers centered around the craft or just bring lunch and make a retreat out of the day.

High school students even get a chance to try their hands at the art as Rusk gave a demonstration for Tipp Central's Career Day, and "the boys were hooked."

It happened to be around Mothers Day, so many moms received homemade gifts this past year.

"I love to see the excitement of someone making their own sheet," Rusk gushes, "It gives them something to do; something to accomplish."

If you are interested in taking a class or scheduling a party, you can contact Rusk at 667-0787 or view her website at You can also shop for her products at

Really Cool Stuff 5 North Street, West Milton, OH 45383
(937) 698-8121

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