Papermaking Additives

Tissue tints

Tissue Tints Color for Paper and Casts

An easy way to add color to handmade paper or paper casts. Put part or entire piece of Tissue Tint strip in blender with pulp for subtle to dramatic results.
Use with cotton linter or recycled paper. 24 strips, 24 different colors, simple instructions.


$2.00 plus S & H
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Handmade paper additive

Paper Additive
All purpose additive for paper making and casting mold crafts.

Paper making: Makes acid free paper. Add 1/8 tsp to pulp in blender to neutralize acid in pulp.
Paper Casting: Make casts with a smoother surface. Add 1/2 tsp to cotton linter in blender.
Clay Casting: Dust casting molds with Paper Additive for easy release of Paperclay and Delight modelling compounds.
4 oz non toxic paper additive.


$3.00 plus S & H
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Flame free paper additive

Flame Free for Paper Crafts

Spray Flame Free on paper or fabric used for candle wraps, lampshades, or any other surfaces in close contact with heat or flame. Essential for candle decor used in public places such as reception halls, and school or community banquet facilities. Treated surfaces exposed to flame will char but not burn. Flame Free is a professional quality flame retardant. Follow directions completely. Pump spray bottle; 4 oz Flame~Free flame retardant.

$5.95 plus S & H
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